Celebrate Your Life Events Presents…

Professional Certification

with Dream Oracle Denise Linn

Santa Fe, NM

August 5-12, 2016

The Gateway Dream Professional Certification Retreat ® is a 7-Day All-Inclusive Guided Journey into the Mystical Realm of Dreams…

Over one full and magical week you’ll…

  • Learn to tap into the power of your dreams to create the life you want
  • Step through the mystical gateway into a sacred and ancient wisdom
  • Journey to the farthest reaches of your soul with astral travel
  • Activate your inner dreamer
  • Get answers to your deepest life questions
  • Discover a higher self-awareness

PLUS: This retreat will give you a Professional Certification to begin your career journey into the holistic healing arena.

Denise Linn will certify you to be a Gateway Dreaming™ teacher and work with clients, one-on-one as a life coach, using dreams as a pivot point. This is a rare opportunity… seating is limited and Denise does not regularly teach this course in person.

Give yourself the gift of this empowering retreat and gain access to the life-changing wisdom that’s waiting for you!

This event was lovingly created by Celebrate Your Life events, an organization that’s dedicated to
creating transformational event experiences for spiritual seekers fromall around the world and from all walks of life.
Join our safe and loving ‘CYL Soul Family’ at the Gateway Dream Retreat!

Denise Linn is a powerful healer with over 47 years of experience as a seeker and spiritual teacher. She’s written over a dozen best-selling books, has appeared on Oprah and is an expert in past-life regression, dreams, space clearing and the ancient art of feng shui. Denise has certified thousands of people from all around the world to work in the spiritual industry.

You’ll be amazed at how much your life can change from working with Denise!  Learn More about Denise

Bring  Back Into Your Life at the Gateway Dream Retreat

Inn and Spa at Loretto – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Friday, August 5th


Welcome Reception and Invocation

Saturday, August 6th

Day One

Overview of Gateway Dreaming

Sunday, August 7th

Day Two

Dream Weavers: Incubating Your Dreams

Monday, August 8th

Day Three

Dream Makers: Visionary and Past Life Dreams

Tuesday, August 9th

Day Four

Dream Workers: Night Healing and Astral Traveling

Wednesday, August 10th

Day Five

Meanings: How to Discern the Meaning of a Dream

Thursday, August 11th

Day Six

Gate Keepers: How to Work with Your Clients and Students

Friday, August 12th

Day Seven

Open the Gateways: Getting Your Message into the World

Dreams assist us in connecting with a powerful yet gentle force
which encourages us to live life to its fullest.

– Denise Linn

Dear Beautiful Dreamers,denise test

Dreams are the mysterious language of the night.

Since the dawn of time, dream weavers have slipped through the gateway between the two worlds to touch the reaches of inner space and reap the harvest of the night.

These secret messages from the mind can foretell your future, reveal your past, and warn you of danger.

They can contain creative inspiration or assist in melting the barriers in your life.

Dreams can serve as a doorway to the mystic arena of the night for inter-dimensional travel and communication on the inner realms with loved ones.

They can be a springboard for night healing, astral travel, emotional healing and soul searching.

In the seven days ahead, and ever forward into the future, you will awaken the dreamer within… to listen to the oracle of your heart and the truth of your soul.

Welcome to a sacred journey into the depths of your being.

Welcome to Gateway Dreaming™.


Join Denise for a Spiritual Experience Like No Other

The Gateway Dream Retreat
Professional Certification Course

Over 7 days and 8 nights of intensive teachings,
Denise will personally certify you to become one
of her beloved Gateway Dreaming Coaches.

You’ll be able to use this information to bring healing
hope and guidance to your family, friends, loved ones,
and perhaps even your clients!

Begin an exciting new career in healing and spiritual coaching with this certification.

What Denise’s Students Are Saying…

The words “miracles” and “transformation” are the first ones that pop into my head when thinking about my wonderful, tremendous, meaningful and moving experience training with Denise Linn, but they are not enough. I must add “love”, “connections” and “joy” as well. Probably more- actually- but it is difficult to put such emotions into words. This was simply a defining and beautiful experience. Thank you Denise!!! While I was sad to leave, I felt truly blessed and full to know that I am connected to these extraordinary people and sacred place for the rest of my life. I cannot begin to recommend this program highly enough with words. Know that it will change you in great and unexpected ways—and improve your life—simple as that.

Elise R. from Illinois

You really are the true goddess of love and abundance. You give us loving gifts in every sense of the word, and live as you teach with joy, heart, love, nature and you let the truth of the soul sparkle….Thank you again for giving us this amazing opportunity to dive into ourselves and for the possibility of releasing others into their true selves!

Anna L. from Denmark

My journey with Denise Linn brought everything together in such a delicious, accepting and allowing and judgment free manner that my life’s meaning and purpose changed in the silent breath of her whisper and profoundly continues to touch my soul.

Johnnye G. from San Francisco

It is difficult for me to express in words the deep emotions I’m feeling. If your desire is to heal yourself and to help others, Denise will take you on a journey that far exceeds your expectations!

Nancy T. from Wisconsin

I’ve been searching for answers and found them at Denise’s Certification Course, my Soul healed and now I can help others. Truly Inspirational! Heartfelt! Thank you, Denise.

Nicki F. from London

Over seven magical days in the heart of beautiful Santa Fe, you’ll embark upon a spiritual journey like no other with master healer, dream expert and bestselling author of Hidden Power of Dreams, Denise Linn.

This book is used as the official textbook for dream courses all across the nation and has been revered as the “go to” book on anything and everything dream related. Denise has taken the best of what she’s learned over four decades of study and practice and distilled it into this life-altering retreat experience….becoming an expert in sharing her spiritual gifts and abilities on a wide variety of dream-related topics including:

  • Learning what dreams really are
  • Understanding how to recall dreams
  • Creating a stronger connection to your dreams
  • Promoting dreams with feng shui and space-clearing secrets
  • Developing your astral travel and lucid dreaming skills
  • Connecting with your angels and animal totems
  • Reconnecting with loved ones who have passed on
  • Awakening your special talents and abilities
  • Overcoming your fears and phobias
  • Activating your Dream Shield
  • Meeting your Dream Guide
  • Learning sacred dream ceremonies
  • Decoding common dreams and their meanings
  • Deepening your dreams with bell clearing techniques
  • Becoming a Night Healer
  • Gain the skills to lead your own dream groups

Awaken Your Inner Dreamer

This is so much more than just another spiritual event. The work you do here will activate your own innate healing gifts and abilities on a level unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


Embark on a Sacred Journey

Prepare yourself to enter into the realm of dreams. Here you’ll gain access to the infinite Source – your past lives, your future incarnations and everything in between is accessible in this mysterious and wondrous place.


Rediscover Your True Purpose

All it takes is one small spark to reignite your inner light. If you’ve ever felt lost or disconnected from your life purpose, this retreat will bring you back to your true self, and empower you to contribute to the world around you.


What’s Possible When You Tap into
the Power of Your Dreams:

Past-Life Exploration
Discover the mysteries of your past lives and the powerful guidance stored within you.

Healing Yourself and Others
Become a shining source of healing, hope and guidance to everyone around you.

Tap into your ability to remotely view other places and times, and even alternate dimensions.

Manifesting Your Desires
Dream your life into being to create the life you desire with these powerful teachings.

Transform your spirit and energy into any form to explore the deepest parts of yourself.

Earth Healing
Send your own personal healing energy anywhere on earth that needs love and healing.

Chakra Balancing
Develop an inner balance that aligns and focuses your personal energy.

Finding Your Soulmate
Call love and passion into your life faster than you ever thought possible.

Enhance Your Intuition
Awaken your own intuitive and psychic abilities to heighten your awareness.

Denise will also teach you how to decipher the meanings of dreams with several tools.

You’ll learn:

• How to use oracle cards for dream interpretation
• The mystical use of a dream journal
• The art of gestalting a dream
• The power of “drawing” the dream
• Ways to create and use a dream dictionary


• Free association
• The Replay Method
• Moon cycles and seasons and their impact on dreams
• The special meanings of colors
• The meaning of numbers

“Each person, no matter what his or her life circumstances, can help make the world a better place for future generations. Denise Linn presents bold and visionary methods that create a powerful blueprint for a positive future.”

—Deepak Chopra, M.D.

More About Your Retreat in Magical Santa Fe

• Create Your Own Dream Catcher Workshop
• Learn to Analyze your Dreams (Signs and Symbols)
• Astral Travel Dream Meetups Every Night
• A Process Taught by Denise at Live Events Only
• Meditate in One of the Oldest Sacred Churches in the Country
• Feel the Ancient Energy of the Mysterious Staircase
• Your Spirit will Soar with the Beauty that Surrounds You

The Gateway Dream Retreat is an unprecedented
spiritual experience that you won’t find anywhere else.


Day One – Overview of Gateway Dreaming

Learn what scientists, psychologists, ancient and indigenous cultures, and mystics say about dreams. Denise also talks about recalling and recording your dreams, learn how to create a dream journal, and gathering the keys to open the mystic gateway


Day Two – Dream Weavers: Incubating your Dreams

Discover several potent dream aids, including stones, essential oils, dream pillows, herbs, symbols, Chinese clock, tones, moon water, feng shui, and space clearing. You’ll also learn about creating a dream altar, programming your dreams, incubating your dreams, shape-shifting, and lucid dreaming.


Day Three – Dream Makers: Visionary and Past Life Dreams

Learn about dream gazing and prophetic dreams. Denise will teach you how to tell if a dream is a true “seeing,” and how to connect, in the dream state, with those who have passed on. You’ll also learn to access past-life recall in your dreams.


Day Four – Dream Workers: Night Healing and Astral Traveling

Learn how to astral travel, the art of dream healing, and how to become a Night Healer! Denise also talks about love and sex in the dream state, finding a beloved in your dreams before you physically meet, communal dreams (how to dream-share), children and dreams, and nightmares. You’ll also learn how to activate your unique talents and abilities.


Day 5 – Dream Meanings: How to Discern the Meaning of a Dream

Discover special techniques for deciphering the meaning of dreams. You’ll learn how your Dream Guide can help you, gestalt the dream, draw your dream, free association, what would you tell a “Martian”, complete the plot, and act it out. You’ll also learn about dream dictionaries, seasons, colors, ancient Chinese clock, numbers, animals, and moon phases.


Day Six – Gatekeepers: How to Work with Your Clients and Students

Learn how to bring your Gateway Dreaming™ skills to others including how to successfully work one-on one,Learn how your clients can find their dream guide and dream shield using oracle cards with dreams, creating dream collages, and setting up your very own sacred Gateway Dreaming™ circles.


Day 7 – Keys to Open the Gateways: Getting Your Message into the World

Get your message to the world! Learn about creating a successful business, setting up your seminars, making a difference in the lives of your clients, using social networking to spread the word, increasing your prosperity as a dream coach, and what steps you can take to get started!

“This work is satisfying at the deepest level of our being. . . . Each of us has the power to heal and transform our legacies and leave the world a better place.”

—Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Gateway Dream Retreat Course Materials and Bonuses:

  • 29 Beautiful mp3 Guided Dream Meditations from Denise
  • Your very own copy of Denise’s best-selling Gateway Dreaming® Oracle Cards
  • A gorgeous bound copy of the Gateway Dream Retreat workbook
  • A gift bag of gifts, tokens and talismans, hand-picked and blessed by Denise
  • Access to the Entire Gateway Dreaming® Online Resource Library
  • Free listing for graduates on the Gateway Dreaming® website
  • Professional Certification by the Gateway Dreaming® Institute*

* See the Professional Certification Requirements


We know it can be hard to take the time to nourish your Soul.
…so we’re making it as easy as possible for you.

Your All-Inclusive Retreat Package Includes:

  • Your VIP Ticket to The Gateway Dream Retreat
  • Round trip ground transportation from Albuquerque or Santa Fe Airport
  • Delicious catered lunches and a special dinner with Denise
  • A beautiful Dream Retreat workbook… just for you
  • A special collection of gifts from Denise
  • Professional Life Coaching Certification (upon meeting requirements)

All for just:
$2700 (hotel not included)
(payment plans and other ticket options available)

Become a Certified Dream Gatekeeper with Denise Linn, Founder of the Gateway Dreaming® Institute

Are you looking to build a career that can make an enormous, positive difference in the lives of others?

This intensive certification opportunity gives you the tools that you need to become an excellent Gateway Dreaming™ Coach as well as to lead Gateway Dreaming™ Circles and Study Groups.

Denise will also share her special expertise as a world-renowned coach and workshop leader and help you build your own successful Professional Gateway Dreaming™ Practice.

Upon successful fulfillment of these requirements, you’ll be awarded with a beautiful, professional certificate, which is energized and signed by Denise.

You’ll also receive a special Gateway Dreaming™ icon for your website to let visitors know that you’re a certified Gateway Dreaming™ Coach.

See Details Page for more information.